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"Dr. Kris Anderson has more than once gone "above and beyond" for my horses. Most recently one of our mares developed colic. I called Kris and she came out immediately. This particular mare frets terribly when she leaves home without any of her friends, so Kris came out to my home every evening and morning at 7am until she was fine. In between her 12 hours away from our home she was constantly in contact with me via text or calling. She saved my mare. As an equine dentist she is wonderful, kind, caring and does amazing work. All of this while constantly explaining to me what she is doing and why.

My horses are all "different" each in their own special way. Kris is great with all of them and they all are very calm around her. My daughter is the one who "introduced" me to Kris. Katie has a great deal of respect for Kris as a vet and a horsewoman herself and Katie doesn't give that out easily to just anyone. She has helped me so much since we first met. From simple things like shots, coggins, teeth, to serious colic and once going thru loosing my 30+ year old blind mare. I will be forever grateful to Kris for everything."
Debra, Texas
Kris is amazing! She takes care of our rescue horses with Crossfire Equine Rescue and she goes above and beyond to help them become the best horse they can be in their health care. If we ever need anything she always makes time for us and her assistance and knowledge is astounding! Kris really knows her equine veterinary medicine and she is the best with equine floats
Annie, Texas
Kris is my hero.  Several months ago, Star, my mare was kicked and suffered a facial fracture and an eye inury. Kris, came to our rescue and took such good care of my girl.

On another occasion recently Kris came to our rescue again, when Star managed to eat some rat poison.  Kris stayed with us until my girl was out of the woods.
Kris is our hero.
Rebekah, Texas
I had Dr. Kris out to do dentistry work on my two very precious horses.  She worked on my gelding's teeth first. After I saw how she handled him so gently, I let her work on my mare next. She really took the time to get me involved. Teaching me during the process, seeing and feeling what she's talking about. I felt really sharp bits sticking out, and saw the resulting ulcers. She took care of it all and I saw for myself that the job was complete and well done. I learned how timely dentistry can make a huge difference in making my horses more comfortable.

In addition, my mare is fearful with needles, but Kris was really calm and worked through it, not getting upset with her.

I thought she did a wonderful job and I can already tell the big babies are so much more comfortable."

Stephanie, Texas
Thank you for a wonderful experience with the castration of my donkey. (For me, Not Him).. there were no complications and your technique is great. Thank you for looking at his teeth also. Great service, great prices and great knowledge!!!
Jean, Texas
You did great on Sky. He has put on so much weight since you did his teeth. You are AWESOME!
Hannah, Texas
"Dr. Anderson has been our farm veterinarian for the last several years. She has treated and provided care for our horses and all our pets. Her dental care has made a previously mouthy mare very quiet with her bit. She is responsible and very well versed with equine medicine. "
Anna, Texas
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